Monday, December 25, 2006

R.I.P. Austin

So a friend of mine died a few days ago
of a heroin overdose
it was his first time doing it ever
He was not a junkie
and he rarely did drugs
he just wanted to have a good time
which obviously didn't end up being that way
His name was Austin and he was such a brilliant, artistic, creative amazing and funny person. We will all miss him so much.
For those of you that knew him
his funeral is on Thursday
there is a showing from 10-12 and a service will be held at 2:30
at Gold Hill on 29th and Wadsworth.

If you knew Austin feel free to leave any comments or memories of him on here.

I remember a party at his house, all the christmas lights and the couch outside, the travelers Mark and what's her name....they were in town and we were all drinking wine out of the bottle and smoking cigars, julia and I had a dance party in the living room and Austin and I spent a long time drawing with pen and ink. I got ink all over my hands that night and I remember I didn't want it to come off because I wanted to remember that forever. We drew so many pictures and now I don't know what happened to them. I slept in his bed that night and woke up with him laughing at me because I ended up on his floor in the morning. He was such a good friend. So respectful, loving, caring, fun and imaginative. I will miss him so much walking by the smoking section at my school and waving to me like this past semester. This past summer and beginning of this year was great with Austin, we had good times and bad times. And, I will never forget him.
I love you Austin
I miss you so much
I hope wherever you are now
Treats you like you deserve

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