Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November 6th, 2007

All of you on this day

Table top crumbs
the still life muse
of a blue sneakered boy
bearded poets
gargoyles perched,
watch children
taught religious math
unknown circuses of machines
making a night prayer of life, occasionally death
and a kiss brings it all to a close

as grey hair and glasses crosses out our emotions.

October 30th, 2007

the making of a misery

one glance alive
lips part slightly
as they pull into
a warmth she feels
in her bones.

one touch
goose bumps falling
down her skin from
neck to toes. a feeling
she can’t shake.
and doesn’t want to.

one kiss
a moment imprinted
like an image in a book
never to change, but can
always be destroyed.

one embrace
the descent into dreams
reality is pliable
and she puts her hand
through the mirror
into her heart.

one night
of breath
sweat pouring inside her.
fingernails down back.
sleep curls into him.

one life
an ending. so abrupt.
jaw still hangs slightly.
his hat no longer
on the door.

thin scent of a misery
she cannot live without.

October 30th, 2007

The yellow glint
inside her eyes
he craves it

coat hangs on a chair
he isn’t there

memories here
all alone
dripping with woe

it feels so right

he craves my colors
red, orange, swirling thought
can’t let him taste me

wandering alone under
there is no such thing
as a memory here now

October 15th, 2007

Scene laid out. Black.
A blade of grass that is moving sporadically.
5 seconds.
Pan out.
A hand. motionless.
Pen near hand, hand poised on a journal.
A female hand.
Two rings. Fingernails painted, nail polish cracked.
Unknown color.
Pan out.
A girl is lying on the grass.
She wears a skirt, a shirt.
Pan out.
The grass is a yard.
A front yard.
Night time.
No movements save the trees being shaken by the wind.
The only sound is that. The wind.
Fade to black.
Scene laid out.
A man is in a room.
The room has a single lamp on.
The room has a couch, a table, the lamp and
The man. He has blood on him.
Blood on his hands, his shirt.
He wears no pants only underwear.
His face is contorted.
He holds a knife.
The knife is clean.
Pan out.
Pan around room.
Circle, stop on bathroom door.
Scene change.
Through the bathroom door.
All over the floor, the old fashioned bathtub, the mirror.
The blood pool is largest next to the double doors.
They lead out to a balcony.
They stand slightly open.
Pan to balcony.
Blood on balcony.
Pan over balcony.
Front yard.
The girl still lies there.
No blood.
Hand poised over journal.
Pen still next to hand.

October 15th, 2007

wine colored
unnatural beauty

eyes that don’t see
she is married

I could drown in

So I do.

this is the
the color

October 2nd, 2007


good + evil
in relation
production waste
don’t sleep
or else you
will die
we see with
our mouths
as our
hands cry
and our eyes
grab at
short term memory
doesn’t exist anymore
but we are much better
at telling
now that we know how
to write.

September 18th, 2007

honey + milk

Where we are.
What a question.

The curve of the back.
Milk, bone, soft.

honey + milk

bone plaster
smooth cream bone
curves under honey
+ milk skin.

pores are open. light
peachy fuzz dances
under fingertips

like water

brushing the tips of
tendrils with
coarse fingers.

September 18th, 2007

letters jump off the page
and wander all over the furniture
the counters
she gazes out
ignores the tango in her head
a whirlpool in the middle of a lake
while you fish on a boat
cigarette and beer in hand
blinded by the flashes of illumination
won’t pick up the pen
the dance goes on
she takes a deep breath

September 11th, 2007


hiding below the soft folds of skin
blue orbs
brush my cheeks
spiders tiptoe across
my lashes
colors wind around spirals
and eyes flicker in the darkness

flutter open
and adjust
a window with a crystal
spinning in the middle
the sun shines through

stretch and stand
movement in my legs
and I glide to the tiled box
where heaven
comes down

softness on warm skin
and a splash of cool water
carry me
out the door
and into reality

September 4th, 2007

suspended in air
with a flashlight
stepping on the water
faster. faster.
slowly but surely
footsteps gain
heading towards your place.
you are.
the place you are now
will always be
have always been
you are never not okay
tears finally fall down your
tears of relief
after all this time
the answer was so simple
it was right here all along
your eyes were closed for so long
now they have opened
you realize how beautiful every thing is
now that the light has been turned on
you toss the flashlight into the water