Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I now have no tonsils. After all these years of getting sick over and over again. I got my tonsils out yesterday. And boy am I in pain right now. I want more vicodin but I have to wait another hour to take any more and my throat is killing me. Yesterday I was still pretty doped up from being under so it wasn't so bad but today is worse. Tomorrow might be too. But then I should be on the up and up. I hope...
Anyhoo, I figured since I am encarcerated in my mother's house for 5-7 days I should get some writing done if I am feeling up to it. I have not posted anything in this blog in awhile and some friends have been asking for more. So here it is.
I read the new Harry Potter book in about 2 days. Hah. Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek but get over it. I also saw the movie about 3 days before the book came out so I was SET. I won't give any spoilers for any of you who have still not had the enjoyment of reading these books but all I have to say is AWESOME.
Okay, my lack there of, are hurting me. I am going to try to sleep. More - later