Monday, January 26, 2009


Back in school this semester, suppose I will be posting more to the blog now that i am forced to write.
It's funny, once I start writing, all i want to do is write. But I can't seem to bring myself to write without the school aspect there haunting me. 
It's easier to draw from some superficial thing like school, than to draw from within. Maybe I'll try doing that more..

loaded pictures here

wondering why there’s always

a liar around

however it is

we won’t make it up for you

you have to be you

a white crystalline

cliché. made up of nature

and moments and warmth.

known some call is air

am. I am not what I once

was. my name for it.

tea leaves floating on

top of a milky surface

she swears on her life.

asian boy singing

tapping his foot under the

table, he laughs loud.

apathetic, she

walks, amongst glowing

eyes, and she dances.

red brawny soup

we leave sitting alone.

wants to be eaten.



“stop thinking of him!”

everything sounds

better on vinyl, he claimed

to me, early hour.

whatever as long

as it’s fun, tonight we go

to that place we like.

languidly she falls

head first, toes last, inside of

him and his stories.

empowered we spoke

like we had tongues as long as

our egos, yes we did.

calling radio

as if it weren’t already

as dead as their kids.

obsessed with our life

that exists inside of what

we think, computers.

pencils are now

only obsolete, but

hurt my fingers too.

cracked statue lies in wait

until the light found it’s way

in to uncover.

the gold light that is

what we think god looks like, white

light, gold teeth, bling bling.

sleeplessness tweaks at

the spot between my shoulder

blades. yawning again.

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