Tuesday, November 6, 2007

October 30th, 2007

the making of a misery

one glance alive
lips part slightly
as they pull into
a warmth she feels
in her bones.

one touch
goose bumps falling
down her skin from
neck to toes. a feeling
she can’t shake.
and doesn’t want to.

one kiss
a moment imprinted
like an image in a book
never to change, but can
always be destroyed.

one embrace
the descent into dreams
reality is pliable
and she puts her hand
through the mirror
into her heart.

one night
of breath
sweat pouring inside her.
fingernails down back.
sleep curls into him.

one life
an ending. so abrupt.
jaw still hangs slightly.
his hat no longer
on the door.

thin scent of a misery
she cannot live without.

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