Tuesday, November 6, 2007

October 15th, 2007

Scene laid out. Black.
A blade of grass that is moving sporadically.
5 seconds.
Pan out.
A hand. motionless.
Pen near hand, hand poised on a journal.
A female hand.
Two rings. Fingernails painted, nail polish cracked.
Unknown color.
Pan out.
A girl is lying on the grass.
She wears a skirt, a shirt.
Pan out.
The grass is a yard.
A front yard.
Night time.
No movements save the trees being shaken by the wind.
The only sound is that. The wind.
Fade to black.
Scene laid out.
A man is in a room.
The room has a single lamp on.
The room has a couch, a table, the lamp and
The man. He has blood on him.
Blood on his hands, his shirt.
He wears no pants only underwear.
His face is contorted.
He holds a knife.
The knife is clean.
Pan out.
Pan around room.
Circle, stop on bathroom door.
Scene change.
Through the bathroom door.
All over the floor, the old fashioned bathtub, the mirror.
The blood pool is largest next to the double doors.
They lead out to a balcony.
They stand slightly open.
Pan to balcony.
Blood on balcony.
Pan over balcony.
Front yard.
The girl still lies there.
No blood.
Hand poised over journal.
Pen still next to hand.

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