Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Married to her name

      Swimming amongst lawyers and thieves

She laughs and loves
Amongst fake colors and song

        liars and lovers become one in his house

The home is painted blue and yellow

    Bright colors --- the colors that mask the lies

       Alone in her room of pink and ruffles she cries

Leave me alone and leave me to be

The lies are dancing around the house on four legs, hopping and skipping

      Lingering over her feet she jumps away

 they are in the walls, the ceiling, the floors

           married to his suits, his ties and his white teeth

The lies curl over a pot in her kitchen, giggling and grimacing over a stew that boils and spits

   they use their six arms and tip the black pot over onto her feet and once again she runs away

                         Purple and green -- her eyes. 

Blind she trips over a lies’ foot , tumbling, head over feet she lands at her husband’s black shiny toes

      The lies curl up in warm spots where the sun hits, like cats -- cats with black eyes and fur like thorns
Their laughter haunts the house

             The windows are painted light blue, mimicking the sky
As she steps over the threshold and out into the world -- she can no longer move

     Her feet are melting into the grass, turning green and brown
Her hands are disappearing into the branches of the trees around her

     The sky drags her upwards and outwards.

Silent and proud she stands. Guarding the lies in their home.
Limbs outstretched to the colors she never had


Kenna Christensen said...

this is so moving. your writing is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

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