Friday, February 15, 2008

To Save:

  • the moments when you are truly happy
  • first kisses
  • me best friend's dog
  • disease, because it is natural and real
  • the feeling when you first see the ocean
  • the hole in the tree outside my window in mexico
  • the moment when you realized you aren't okay and that that's okay
  • the way bare skin feels
  • the way my mom smells
  • the ladybugs and rollypollys we used to eat as children
  • just one painting
  • the way it sounds when children laugh
  • sadness, so we still feel something
  • haircuts - good and bad
  • veiny hands and veiny leaves
  • the way wind sounds when it is dark
  • the waves rising on the sand
  • tibet
  • hipocrisy
  • one single oil executive
  • Naropa's squirrels
  • the stoplight in front of naropa because otherwise i could never get home
  • bad jokes
  • wool and it's scratchiness
  • favorite pairs of shoes
  • her desperation
  • his too.

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