Friday, February 15, 2008

I Remember...

I remember...the way the yellow tree across the street looked as I sat with him.
I remember...the wind under me.
I remember...the way the sky broke into shards of glass right above his head.
I well I could see, I felt like I could see forever across the bay.
I remember...his hand grazing the bus as we walked past.
I remember...the way it sounds when you first bite into an apple.
I remember...he picked off the white stuff from the orange before he ate it.
I mother cutting the ends off flowers in our kitchen when I could barely see over the counter.
I remember...building a fort out of snow and mud when I was small, and it was quiet.
I remember...the way the sun felt on the back of my neck as I shivered from the chill in the air.
I remember...the smell of the jasmine tree mixing with the smell of my cigarette as the wind came off the river.
I remember...the way her hair shined on a summer day by the creek with white wine and smiles.
I remember...the garden with my longing held in each petal.
I remember...the way it felt to cry with my feet buried in the sand and the sting of the ocean air.
I remember...the way skin on skin reminds me of water.
I remember...loving in the ocean.
I remember...tasting coconut for the first time, spooning it with a piece of shell into my mouth; lime and salt sweetness.
I remember...eating milk and oreos and getting bit by mosquitoes.
I remember...being terrified of a tree.
I remember...when I first realized that not all beauty in nature is harmless.
I remember...when i first had a memory.

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